Monday, 20 February 2012

help her:-[ but she is :-)


 the first is my little sister she wanted to cross a tiny gutter

she pretending to cross the giant gutter and I laugh so she laugh too.

If she can speak clearly she gotta say help me I'm stuck over here!

so I go to her and we jump together and she jump really high I can't imagine if a girl like her

can jump that high so from now on I must to watch her carefully.



  1. Ariq.. You have done a good job!

    Here are some corrections for your writing.. :-)


    This is my little sister. She was playing jumping with me.

    At the beginning, she wanted to cross a tiny gutter. She pretended she was crossing a giant gutter.

    I laughed, so she laughed too.

    If she could speak clearly, she would say, "Help me! I'm stuck over here!"

    Then, I went to her, and we jumped together. She jumped really high.

    I can't imagine that a girl, as little as her, can jump that high. Therefore, from this day forwards, I must watch her carefully.


    Nice story, Ariq .. Keep on writing to improve your writing skills and your English.. ;-)

  2. Ariq ajak dede nya ikut Penyebrangan basah yuk :D


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