Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This is my magnet toy.

I make something  strange like the picture up right corner.

I make a goalie. It's hard but I try.

So I did it!!!! Well, after that I'm very sad because there is no such toy like this but maybe yes maybe no, so I can't play it again. why? Because all of my magnet toys the long the circle the shapes are lost when I'm 5 years old

And now I go to Figo's house, and I see he has the magnet toy, so I very fast say to Figo to borrow his magnet toys I play with Figo and Owen after 6:51 AM my mom go home and I still in Figo's house I play until night and at night my mom  and my dad  pick up me at night, but I'm still wanted to play Figo and Owen so my mom says ok you want to stay here forever? What!!! I answer so I go home with my mom and dad, and I buy corn on the cob, and I go home very happy and tired.


Created by ariq 8 years old.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Recycled paper

Prakarya dari koran bekas: ini hasil karya aku dan ibuku kita berdua membuat ini sekitar 2-3 jam
memang susah tapi seru sekali aku jadi ingin lagi dan lagi tapi kata ibu sudah cukup jadi mau ngak mau
harus berhenti deh.    


dikomentarin ya.

Pool Birthday Party

On 16 April 2011, it's Azarin's birthday, and then I came into  her house. There are so many people I so fun. So I do play with Azarin and Arvin until a long time I can swim, but before I can't swim so I'm very  happy.

I just want to go there again in every one week because there are swimming pool and large lawn in Azarin's house, so I swim long time.

Then I go home. I really really happy

The End.

16 April 2011

by Ariq

Trip to Ciwidey

At 22 April - 23 I trip to Ciwidey, but it's very cold in there. I forget to bring my jacket.

I do go to visit white places in, there is weird because the water is hot but the air is very cold I don't know how that can be.

OK, after I go there with my family, I go home, but at last I remember to pick some strawberry, I took 1.5 kilograms in the scale after picking strawberries I eat fish and chicken and drink cold water I go home and play.

The End.