Monday, 11 September 2017


hey guys, it's me Ariq...

Look i know i have been away for a very long time since the last time i post a blog.

but now i'm back... Yaay!!

Now i'm just gonna tell you why and how i'm not writing anything for about 5 or 6 years maybe?.. I don't know, but whatever...

here goes..

so... yeah i was bus- Lazy (sometimes Ok) and full of homework and things to study. so i don't have time, but now i'm homeschooling so i have plenty of time... (yup, HOME SCHOOLING)

now if you're wondering what am i doing when i'm homeschooling and lazy, if you say, Slacking off, well, you're not wrong, but i'm also studying and making blog daily nowdays. Also i am now going to start daily Vlog so i need you to tell me what is the best way to start it.

also i'm raising money on it's a site where you can make money by shrinking links
i don't know if i will make a lot of money from there or not but at least it is worth a try...

for the Vlog... should i start with a phone camera or a go pro, XA10 camera, handy cam???

what should be the topic. and should i talk normally or hype or maybe passionate?

tell me your advice kay...

this is Ariq, Signing out...

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Generator for Electricity Whirlwind

This is my first creation, a generator for electricity whirlwind that will turn around for 9 rounds.

After 9 rounds, it will stop for 1 hour.

There are three whirlwinds; 1(energy for negative), 2(energy for positive) and, 3(energy for itself). You see the big part at the blocks it is where the electric goes every 90000775 volt and 4826378 watts.

This generator provides cover from over-heated reactor. Every blue part is a reactor and the white part is the over-heated reactor. The overheat will cool down after 30 minutes. After it cools down, it turns green. When the yellow part is almost overheated, I must cool it down fast before it overheats, because if it overheats, it could explode in 60 minutes.

I must watch it carefully in my office. When a reactor is overheated, my lamp will go red and the alarm will ring so I need to cool it down again...

for the real information check it out on wikipedia:

Monday, 19 November 2012

Environment Changes

Below is my school project of rapid and slow environment changes...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

...this is my favorite movie...

it's 13 ghost why? because it has a great effect, many ghost and terrifying horror so that movie has become my favorite from the others. my first favorite ghost is the hammer because he has many muscles and a two- handed big hammer.

second is the jackal i like him because he has a cage and super sharp claws even sharper than cutter i think.

third is the last it's the torso because he has no tummy and legs so he moves with his arms.

(have fun and take care! :-):peace)

for full IMDB info click here:

Monday, 24 September 2012



Dulu, ada kota yang besar tetapi karena banyak orang yang meninggal terbuatlah kuburan besar. Salah satu pembuatnya tersesat dan meninggal tetapi tiada yang menguburnya makanya warga kota itu ketakutan dan keluar dari kota itu. Mereka menemukan desa yang cukup jauh dari kota itu tetapi mereka tetap panik dan mereka mengatakan ada hantu dan selainnya, untuk mencegah orang melewati kuburan atau kota itu...

berlanjut di cerita asli...

Episode: 1

Hari Sabtu, saya sedang berjalan-jalan bertiga jam 12.09 ke rumah Joseph. Di tengah jalan, kami akan melewati kuburan yang ditakuti oleh satu kampung. Mereka bilang di situ ada pocong dan hantu lainnya. Mereka juga bilang, bahwa ada orang tersesat yang meninggal, dan tiada yang menguburnya. Jadi setiap malam Jumat, ada suara mengeluh yang menghantui sekitar situ. Lalu saat kami berada di tengah-tengah kuburan, tiba-tiba...


Episode: 2

... shhhh... shhhh...
Lalu aku bertanya, "Apa itu?"
Temanku menjawab, "Mungkin angin."
Okay.. Lalu kita harus jalan la--

... ooooohhhhhh...
"Apa itu?"
Temanku menjawab lagi, "Nah, kalau itu aku tidak tau."
Tiba-tiba, salah satu kuburan terbuka dan keluar pocong. Kami bertiga teriak dan kabur.
Setelah pocong itu tidak ada kita langsung belok kanan, ke Jl. Anggrek. Rumah Joseph tepat di depan mata kami, lalu kami kabur ke rumah joseph dan ngobrol cara mendamaikan roh itu.


Episode: 3

Kemudian, aku mendapatkan ide bagus, "Aku dengar satu kampung bilang ada orang mati yang belum di kubur. Mungkin jika kita kubur dia, rohnya akan berdamai dengan kita."
Lalu kami coba pagi-pagi. Kami kubur jasad itu lalu kami pulang.
Tapi, warga kampung lupa mendoakan mayatnya jadi hantu nya tetap berkliaran. Mereka bingung kenapa hantunya masih berkeliaran, tapi aku ingat bahwa kami belum mendo'akan jasadnya.


Episode: 4

Keesokannya, kami jalan pagi-pagi jam 9.33, tetapi makam dan jasadnya tidak ada. Jadi kami pergi lagi malam-malam. Ketika kami jalan ada rintangan berupa pertanyaan agama (1. Siapa Tuhanmu, 2. Siapa rasulmu). Kami menjawab kedua pertanyaan itu dengan benar (1. Allah, 2. Muhammad). Kemudian, ada pintu rahasia dan kamipun masuk. Kami melihat mayat itu, lalu mendo'akannya. Setelah itu, semua menjadi damai kembali dan orang desa itupun pulang ke kota mereka lagi.

Penutup (Kebenaran)

Sebenarnya mayat yang diceritakan itu hanya imaginasi saya. Karena semua orang yang meninggal, rohnya akan kembali pada Allah.


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Friday, 21 September 2012

Animal Classification (A Project by Ariq)

This is the details of animal classification which are divided into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Fun Holiday

When I was on my holiday, I went to Citeureup. 

On the way there, I was so tired and sleepy, that I fell asleep. 

When we arrived, I woke up and was extraordinary excited.

First I went to see a porcupine.

Then I saw a lazy lamb, sitting outside its cage. My little brother took a photo and tried to ride it. The little lamb moved because it was going to have a pee. My little brother was so surprised, that he ran to me!

After that we went around looking for a fishing area. We looked again and again, until finally, we saw the fishing area. We borrowed  three fishing rods, one for me, one for my little brother and, one for my dad. We waited and waited, but there was still no fish came to any of our hooks, so my dad and my little brother left and ate. I kept fishing but -sigh- I still caught no fish, so uhh... I ate and played classic game with my little brother and little sister. Then, we went home.