Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ariq dan Dinda

Tank of Independence

ini adalah tank indonesia yang melawan belanda di tahun 1602 - 1942.
Lalu jepang datang mengalahkan belanda.

Ghost Houses..

Ariq's Ghost House

Ghost House Story 1

There is a boy.

The boy gets in to the ghost house.

And he saw a morgue room he wants to check, but he is scared.

He didn't remember to bring flash light, so he cannot find the door to get out.

Aza's Ghost House

 Ghost House Story 2

In a ghost house, there is a girl.

The girl gets into the house

And she goes to the lock room, "Ah! This room is locked. I had better found another room," she says.

And she goes to the morgue room, and she cannot find her way out.

The End