Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Fun Holiday

When I was on my holiday, I went to Citeureup. 

On the way there, I was so tired and sleepy, that I fell asleep. 

When we arrived, I woke up and was extraordinary excited.

First I went to see a porcupine.

Then I saw a lazy lamb, sitting outside its cage. My little brother took a photo and tried to ride it. The little lamb moved because it was going to have a pee. My little brother was so surprised, that he ran to me!

After that we went around looking for a fishing area. We looked again and again, until finally, we saw the fishing area. We borrowed  three fishing rods, one for me, one for my little brother and, one for my dad. We waited and waited, but there was still no fish came to any of our hooks, so my dad and my little brother left and ate. I kept fishing but -sigh- I still caught no fish, so uhh... I ate and played classic game with my little brother and little sister. Then, we went home.

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